This is dedicated to the courageous people that come to the couches. 

It takes courage to come, see and own your stuff.  Courage to sit through the discomfort of being transparent.  To allow your heart to break and know that it could be mended.  To work through those difficult memories that create turmoil and sometimes chaos.  To allow the tears to drop and know that it is not a sign of weakness but of massive strength.  To let the dam break and trust that God’s reach is able to contain all of the ooze.  To unpack, allow the contents to get messy, then place them where they should be.  To face it head on and no longer avoid it by engaging in unhealthy behaviors (ignoring, addictions, displacement, projection, etc).  To want to run but stay.  To want to hide but allow yourself to stand in the light.  To learn to trust yourself and God with your stuff.  Just know, it ain’t easy doing this.  It takes a courageous person to get on the couch and unpack your stuff.  To expand your comfort zones.  To do those bold and courageous things despite your feelings.  Courage to change the rules and the scripts.  Courage to believe God’s Word at face value.  Courage to boldly stand in your God-given “superpowers.”  It ain’t an easy journey but doable journey–you already have all that you need…discover it, use it, overcome it, conquer it.

I applaud you, I celebrate you, I am in total awe because of your courage.  Thrive in your journey because of the rewards.