ICTT Coaching

The I Choose to Thrive Coaching Services is first class.  Our coaching experience extends far beyond taking a few courses on a weekend and then become a “certified coach”.  Kristia pulls tools from decades of practicing psychology as a clinician and years of extensive training on how the mind works so you succeed in your goals and thrive thereafter.  Know how the mind, emotions, and behaviors work while giving you direction, accountability, and support is the key to success.

“Knowledge is half the battle”

                                                     (G.I. Joe)

sTRUCTURED t.e.a. coaching

8-12 Coaching Sessions focused on understanding how your T.E.A. impact your ability to achieve your specific goals.  Using the Transform Your T.E.A. (thoughts, emotions, actions) model that Kristia uses in therapy.


personal coaching

Using the best that psychology has to offer to help you navigate through relationships, self-esteem, healthy boundaries, assertiveness, harness your strengths, push past your limits and goal achievement.



adhd/ADD coaching

Is Adult Attention Deficient (ADD) keeping you from performing at your best.  Learn the tools to work through and gain success in your life and business. 


next level coaching

Do you have the people skills, confidence, or executive functioning skills to help you level up and start/flourish in your business?