A person could feel better talking to a good friend or relative for emotional distress.  This is helpful but may not get to the root of the distress.   To help eliminate the distress, it is importafnt to talk to a trained listener who will get to the root of the problem.   The following are the services that I offer.

Adult Individual Psychotherapy

Individual counseling allows the opportunity to explore and resolve personal problems and issues. Counseling occurs in a safe and non-threatening atmosphere where confidentiality is valued and nothing said leaves the office.

     Anger Management                              Self Esteem

Depression                                              Anxiety

Sexual Abuse Victims                           Stress Management

Spiritual Issues                                       Boundaries/Assertiveness Training

Relationships                                          Emotional Eating

Addictions                                               Conflict Resolution

Balanced Living                                      Work Related Stress


Christian Counseling

An integration of psychological principles and Biblical truths as we address the various issues on this page.

Couples Counseling

Teaching healthy communication                                                   Self awareness

Conflict Resolution                                                                             Infidelity

Intimacy                                                                                                Anger Management

Domestic Violence                                                                              Sexual Issues

Spiritual issues


Family Counseling

Healthy Communication                                                 Conflict Resolution

Boundaries                                                                         Role Clarification

Parenting                                                                            Strength Building

Blended Families

Teen Counseling/Coaching

  • Self Esteem                                                       Depression
  • Anxiety                                                               Test Anxiety
  • Social Skills                                                       ADHD Strategies
  • Peer Relationships                                           Family Counseling


Therapy vs. Coaching

Therapy focuses on emotional healing.  We focus on dealing with how the past may impact your current concerns and learning tools to help resolve issues.  Implicit in the therapeutic process are tools for healing, resolving issues, and being more successful in the emotional (and spiritual) realm of your being.  Also implicit in therapy are coaching tools.  These are tools that are very task oriented based on your needs.  Although Coaching strategies are used in my Therapy sessions; Therapy is not a part of Coaching.  Coaching is exclusively skills based.

To sum up my coaching services, I would say that coaching is providing you with the specific tools and support you need to get you to where you want to be.  We will take the time to assess where you are, how you got here, and what you need to get to the next level.  The coaching is a mixture of accountability, resources, and support.  We will work with however much frequency needed.  If it is once per week, or twice per month, you can be assure that I will help you develop and follow your plan.



Things you should know:

  • I am licensed in the State of Georgia to provide Therapy in Georgia only.  I can not provide counseling across state lines.
  • As a Coach, I am able to provide Coaching services both inside and outside Georgia.
  • Private insurance will not pay for Coaching services.
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