The differences between coaching and therapy are…


  • Therapists are licensed and provide mental health treatment for people with diagnosed mental illnesses.  (Kristia is licensed in the state of Georgia to provide therapy.)
  • Therapists help you focus on the extent that the past impacts current functioning, while working towards a brighter future.
  • They clarify goals, identify obstacles, and create action plans.   


  • Coaches provide goal-oriented services.
  • Coaches meet their clients in the present moment and focus on the future.
  • Coaching will allow you to change your mindset around specific areas of concern, to help you get unstuck and accomplish your goals.
  • Coaching process is oriented towards action and results.
  • Coaches generally are not medical or healthcare professionals. They don’t have the credentials or accreditation to provide mental healthcare (unless you have a coach that is credentialed as a clinician; in which case these evidenced based psychological skills may find their way into your coaching as needed).  ***Please note, your therapist and coach cannot be the same person.