This time of year (late October until before spring) many suffer from SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER (S.A.D.) and need extra support. For some, the holidays pose an emotional funk as grief settles, family issues, loneliness, etc. For others, depression or “being in a funk” can hit at any time throughout the year.  Regardless of when or how the “Funk” comes, it can be managed and overcame.  This is why, I created this course for those who suffer from a “depressed mood” or mild to moderate depression.  Since depression can impact different areas, this course aims to not only help you manage/overcome depression but also create balance.  You will also receive a free addon from my new BEYOND THE COUCH with Kristia (Therapeutic Bible Study): Overcoming Depression.  So, if you are ready to manage the “funk”, grow spiritually, and create balance this 6-weeks course is for you. 

Get the Funk Out of Here (Online Course)